deVere Foreign Exchange, part of the deVere Group, provides its clients with a wide range of services which can help them save money and benefit from better rates on foreign exchange and international payments, whether they are a private international investor or represent a business involved in international trade.

Whether you are looking to buy a property abroad, travel, emigrate or transfer money overseas, deVere Foreign Exchange prides itself in offering highly-competitive foreign exchange rates on major currencies, all the while managing the risk of currency fluctuations.

The advice you will receive at deVere Foreign Exchange is simple, safe and reliable. Our foreign exchange rates are extremely favourable and stand a good chance of making you money. We offer you reliable professional advice on all your transactions, as well as free international transfers, unlike most major banks.

We offer a wide range of tools to help both our private clients and corporate institutions maximise their ivestment opportunities without taking too many risks. The services we provide include:

• Buy a property abroad
• Travel
• Emigrate
• Transfer money overseas

deVere Foreign Exchange offer a wide range of tools to help both private clients and corporate institutions control their foreign exchange risk whilst maximising investment opportunities. The services include:

• Forward contracts
• Order types
• Tailored currency analysis
• Free transfers
• Excellent exchange rates

If you wish to learn more about the deVere Foreign exchange services, please feel free to call +44 (0) 2074119858 for a free FX consultation with one of our experts, or simply open an account.