Private Clients

A private client is any individual / couple or family making transfers for personal reasons with money being transferred to dVFX from personal accounts.

Whether you are buying or selling property overseas, emigrating or making overseas money transfers, deVere Foreign Exchange can help you save money.

Using a deVere Foreign Exchange specialist is a more efficient and economical way of changing your money from one currency to another, as we will typically offer you better rates than the banks, as well as providing expert knowledge on when it is best to exchange the currency.

At deVere Foreign Exchange we aim to give each individual private client direct access to the best commercial rates of exchange available.

If you wish to learn more about deVere Foreign Exchange service, please feel free to contact us (link) to speak to one of deVere’s experienced foreign exchange consultants, who will be able to explain the various types of contracts available, including the facility to fix exchange rates for up to 2 years.

Alternatively, you may also start taking advantage of the deVere Foreign Exchange unprecedented services straight away, by opening an online account.